Ten house  2024.05.02


The house built in Okinawa mainland. The intrapreneur owner and his family requested the house where both of host and guests can enjoy when rebuilding the detached house on a large site in the city recently built by the manufacturer of outside Okinawa. By remaining beautifully cared existing garden, they can enjoy changes of nature even inside the house thanks to newly planned courtyard, roof garden, and terrace that gently connect inside to outside.

The unwearied permanent quality is, if it is privileged place, to emphasis its beauty and to construct strength of shape and constitution, build function and harmony at the place where there was not existed before, and create new value.

Although the appearance is simple, top light and three-dimensional garden welcome as a part of original Okinawa nature and abundant space and achieve life with nature. When treating the guests, unexpectedly tested is a sense of beauty of the owner (host).

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