We are empowerment firm to execute a mission as an architect and heal the society to bloom each person’s talent.
We build a building not to go against the spirit of ground and update culture within the current of trend. Also, create the architecture which heals people by talking to them and weave beautiful scenery of Okinawa.

Our action agenda (core value)

  • Work is visible love ≫

    Our work is to find a seed in a mind of client/user and grow it to make a form. We will generously provide our property, talent, labor, affection, passion and create an architecture that exceed expectation and bring impression.

  • Architecture which strike a right chord of people ≫

    We always explore what architect should be and new possibility by working as a professional based on our conscience and compliance.
    We aim to provide new world view to the society by performing challenge/attempt that is socially valuable to each project regardless of big or small.

  • Make intelligence and artistic element as the basics of life ≫

    The thing that is really important. That exists within our casual daily life.
    Our mind would get lighter when we exposure to knowledge and arts. Provide knowledge and artistic sensitivity to architecture that support a foundation of life.

  • Be absolutely yourself ≫

    Ultimate goal of life is not to succeed or being loved, but express true yourself, live until being yourself, respect your mission that you have by nature, and be helpful to people and this world.
    Actually, there is deeper, true your essential life under the conventional experience of your superficial job and you need more time and grueling experience to know its difference. If you set a goal that is not connected to your deeper inner yourself, you shall not be standing within your strength. Set up your life on your strength.

  • You can realize it if you can dream ≫

    The person who has a passion would lead the world better.
    That’s because someone who honestly believe they can change the world can actually change the world.
    Think simple, be positive, keep efforts.

That’s our SDGs

SDGs is Sustainable Development Goalsand is an international goal from 2016 through 2030 adopted at the Summit on September, 2015. Architecture is connected closely to society, economy, culture, environment, and people and deeply links to the spirit of SDGs. Here introduce our efforts

We support Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Origin (Since2002)

We think the cleavage between material things and human never be bridged the rift as long as we take material things as material things, and human as human. We try to touch people’s heartstrings and connect essential quality and universal truth that lie ahead.
If the origin of manufacturing should be expressing one’s feeling suprarationally, there are each one’s subconscious and mystery. Thinking about the beauty of architecture, if it has life, the beauty of both human and architecture is hidden in the invisible area of unknown possibility.
Beauty is what we feel, which is located behind what you see. For leading architecture…

  • An architecture as prophylactic sense and alternative therapy ≫

    As a child, I was fascinated beautiful architectural structure through the media and decided to engage in this work. The architectures talk to human and have power to move one’s heart. Which part of “architecture” makes that? Is it forme, consciousness, history, culture, technical capabilities, harmony with nature, or demand of time…?

    I would like to know the answer and still keep seeking it.
    Thinking of the power of architecture, I became to seek the possibility of it to cure human.

  • Space to fall in love ≫

    Wishes a woman has as a woman… Always living in the same place and being beautiful as a woman, the space looks beautiful, having time to face herself, enjoy extraordinary in busy days, feel sacredness in ordinary days, falling in love… they are all the necessary element that keep the woman beautiful.

    In this unexemplified time when women have become more active throughout society and both women and men are seeking the answer with difficulty, we think the environment that woman can live with beauty is very important for everyone.

    Women who care family, single women, carrier women… we focus on the architecture that develop each woman’s beauty and appeal.

  • Loved through history ≫

    About fifty years ago from now, a French architecture critic Pier Schneider said as follows; “The most radical and modern stand that architects take up is to deny constructing.”

    The answer of responsibility for engaging construction, “mature town” has not been found yet, although buildings are being built and the familiar sight is changing so fast. Architecture is the art that transmits one-way and takes on socially dangerous aspect. Also it takes huge efforts, materials, and money to both constructing and tearing down. We are full of sense of duty to suggest the architecture of high-quality, loved through history that can be an antique and not affected by trends or cheap materials with taking the consideration of the earth environment and making scenery that people can find home in.

    The movable architecture of harmless to the ground, the architectural style that doesn’t reduce the proprietary nature and can live on one’s hump, as well as the architecture which has healing function. We aim for the architecture that can be an antique by always seeking the new possibility of architecture.