Os house  2022.04.22


The house built in the northern part of Okinawa main island. The site has height difference surrounded by a quiet residential area and has ocean view in the distance.
Okinawa, which is one of the foremost settlement prefectures in Japan and has immigrant history since 1990s, has started its history from this town. This house is for a couple with three kids and the husband has roots in this area.

Coordinating its slop site, the house has two-layer with living room located on higher ground as a flat building and lower ground with parking and other rooms.

By taking traditional Okinawan house, there is no such space as an entrance but has warm hospitality space to take in guests directly in the living room or Japanese room through the garden.
As there is adjacent road from east to south, main room is located on the east and back room (bedroom) is located on the west. Old house traditional zoning is connected by cloister corridor and there is a field on from the back room (bedroom) toward the west.

Locating the living room between 3-meter-wide canopy terrace and courtyard, the boundary between inside and outside could be blur and that takes comfortable wind, light and nature. Stair is approaching the sky and slit sky light would shine beautiful Honzane frame concrete wall. There are main spots where people can feel nature inside the house, and it would create exaltation within ordinary life. This design is supported by the high-level technique of framework worker that was improved by RC buildings developed in the postwar period in Okinawa.
We aimed to create the space that can richly take Okinawan nature and cultivated culture.

Human is a creature who depends on memories. No vibrant future can be drawn without certain memory.
We would like to exceed ages by reflecting the ages and inherit mind, history, and rare handwork by technician from forerunners to the next generation.

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Os house