Omn house  2016.04.21


The couple bought a ready-built house when they were twenties. The housing rehabilitation plan for their dear old house for 30 years. There are many houses with bricked exterior around and beautiful well-cared flowers in the garden tell the history of their old fashion and living.

Their request is the convenient house that they can live when they are old. The new house is barrier-free and basically all life can be completed on 1st floor. Japanese room and each of their reading room for their hobby are located on 2nd floor and the house is equipped with a home elevator.

In past days, the house of 22 tsubo was built in 60 tsubo site, that is comparatively large as a ready-built house. In their old house, they needed to turn the light on even in daytime and connection between indoor and comparatively wide garden was blocked. Also, the site was slightly lower than surroundings because of the shape of road and the house was shadowed by surrounding buildings.

Making buffer space with openwork bricks Hin-Pun that fit in the history of town and north side setback regulation was cleared by sky factor loosening regulation. The design is adjusted to the look of the town. Simple floor operating by locating living on East could take natural light, mountains scenery, blue sky and moon and the garden where has seasons flowers into room inside, that was not realized in their old house. Living with nature is achieved which is used to be a proper part of Okinawan nature.

The nature in city can be said sky, light, wind, and rain. Jalousie window to take wind in, top light to take light in, big opening faced to garden, they all realize luxury space that makes feel nature change even inside of house and our aim is that site shortcomings would be sublimated to its own charm. Okinawa is under the building rush in recent years. There are less place of scenic beauty and cities where most people live are broken and changing a lot without answer for “productive streetscape”.

“Worst enemy is civilization and desire that was not known before” German geographer von Richthofen who is known as a namer of Silk Road said in front of beautiful nature. The essence of human living is considered as a part of nature. We would like to aim the architecture that would take over a history to find a home in and which also can keep and restore to enjoy nature.

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