Hrf house  2014.02.09


The second house ordered by the British-born, Australian-raised owner who works as a house builder. His first house was wooden and built by his own company but he wanted to experience a life in concrete house.

The site is located in a center of Okinawa main land which has the largest US base and developed as a city but still has beautiful nature with river and green. The site has a road on South, cliff on North and Hija River with deep forest below, and is located on rising ground with scenic view. Also it was on firm ground and elevated a half floor level from the road.

The format is to place flat building on firm ground but dig a little for entrance and garage to the level of road. The view terrace which was owner’s first request is cantilever structure and shaped not to affect cliff ground. The light court located above the garage on southwest to take wind in also fill the role to adjust any inconvenience of height difference of the site.

Recently 90% of housings are built of concrete in Okinawa. They follow the traditional construction and crafting technique of concrete house (Concrete-ya) developed from postwar such as a deep canopy top, layout to take wind from south, and airspace above ceiling. Also applying glass wool behind ceiling material, tile finish instead of under floor, providing house pool, these are all measures to enjoy cool which the owner learned from his experience in hot and humid area of south-eastern Asia. Tile, stone, fittings and furniture of old teakwood and good quality materials were actually bought in Bali with the owner.

Small island Okinawa located in the center of East Asia have a history to enhance national strength and have lived luxuriantly thanks to trading. We protected our tradition by sublimating other culture into own culture with its flexibility and hardiness even being invaded by other cultures so many times. We would like to engage in self-questioning again, “what is Okinawan identity” especially in this generation which is losing global counterculture because of highly developed information and development of transportation methods.

Hrf house